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Score points for the environment!

Every time you recycle an aluminium can you’re scoring points for the environment! That’s because recycling aluminium cans saves resources, energy and greenhouse gas emissions. In fact:

  • Making an aluminium can from recycled aluminium uses 95% less energy than making it from virgin materials
  • Recycling just one aluminium can saves enough electricity to power a TV set for 3 hours
  • By recycling six aluminium cans you can offset a 25 km train journey, a 17 km bus ride or a 10 km trip in an average size car. More info 

Recycling cans is easy! As Layne Beachley, eight-time World Surfing Champion and Planet Ark Ambassador, says: “Wherever I am, I recycle all my cans, and you can too”.

Watch Layne in our TV and cinema ad.

So recycle all of your aluminium cans wherever you are: when you’re out and about, look for recycling bins at the beach, in parks, at shopping centres and on the street, and of course the recycling bins at your home, school or work.

Pass the Can and help educate kids

Do you remember playing pass the parcel? Well get ready to play the 21st Century version - Pass the Can! This new Facebook app is set to raise funds for Planet Ark to develop recycling education lessons for Aussie school kids. Join the fun, crush a can then pass it on. Every pass generates a $1 donation. Get started... 

Set up your own aluminium can collection

Is there potential to set up a 'Cash for Cans' collection system for your school, club, charity or community organisation? Our 'Setting Up An Aluminium Can Collection Guide' helps you assess the viability of collecting cans, as well as everything you need to know to successfully establish a collection system. 

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We would love your input to help us make it even easier for Australians to recycle. Simply take our 2 minute user survey and have your say in how to improve the Recycling Near You website and hotline. Tell us what worked and what didn't...

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