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Where Can I Recycle My Aluminium Cans?

Crushed Aluminium Cans © Amy Nancarrow

Crushed Aluminium Cans

At Home 

Most councils around Australia collect aluminium cans via their kerbside recycling service.  All councils are different, so your council may collect aluminium cans in a recycling bin, crate, tub or recycling bag.

In Public

An increasing number of councils are installing public place (street-based) recycling bins.  If your area has access to these bins, ensure you place your aluminium cans in them for recycling. 

If there are no public place recycling bins, take your cans home or to work with you for recycling.  Cans are light-weight and easily crushed, making them ideal for transporting home. 

At Work

Many workplaces now have recycling collection facilities.  If you head out to the park or a café for lunch and can't find a recycling bin, take your cans back to work to be recycled.   

Download and print one of our ‘Recycle Right ... At Lunch' posters to display at work and encourage others to bring their lunch packaging, including aluminium cans, back for recycling.  

Drop-Off Locations

If kerbside or workplace recycling isn't available to you, there may be a recycling drop-off location near you that collects aluminium cans.  Some of these may even pay for cans.  

More Information

To find out whether aluminium cans are collected in your kerbside service or to find drop-off locations in your area visit the Recycling Near You web site or call the Hotline on 1300 733 712.

If there are no recycling facilities in your local area you can organise your own aluminium can recycling program.  To find out how, visit The Aluminium Can Group website.

To help you recycle correctly at home, school or work download, print out and display one of our aluminium recycling posters or factsheet.

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